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Jody Shealy – When You Love A Woman cover

I’ve been a choral singer my whole life. just now venturing out on my own.

  • Hiya Jody,

    A little pitchy there brother.  Nice vibrato though.  Might want to have the music louder so there’s a nice blend between you and your music…this will help your ear hear better where your voice should sit.  Also, maybe don’t pick the goo out of your eye in the beginning of your next video…not trying to be mean…just sayin’~


  • Jodyshealy

     not pitchy, maybe music’s a little soft.  and did you SEE the goo.  I actually didn’t find your review helpful at all.  and being a choral singer and not hearing the others around you or how you sound makes it tough to always stay on.  so “thanks” hipster.  namaste.