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Joey Maloney – No Surrender cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Basix:

Joey – thank you for a very strong vocal performance. You manage to deliver the message and energy from the lyrics into the song. It’s very “no nonsense!” and I really like that. You can easily improve your delivery with some attention to the video – by placing your computer higher – this also goes for the all the other videos you have uploaded. When you record yourself looking down, it’s easy for you to appear angry and disconnected – I’m pretty sure that’s not your intention.
A different camera angle will make a huge difference

Joey’s Bio:

Singer/Songwriter from Canada. Hope you like my stuff.

  • Hi Joey I love your voice. I think it is very soulful and original. I am no coach or music expert but you sing like you feel the song and that I think is really important. The song could truly be something you experienced yourself as your emotion shines thru connecting me to the song.Thanks for a good performance don’t ever stop singing.