John Hall – Never My Love (acoustic cover)

Bio: I’ve loved to sing since I was about 5 years old listening to ”Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” on the radio. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to perform in front of anybody during my school years. I sort of got over that in college but still have performance anxiety most times until I get into the song. I started learning to play guitar to accompany my voice at about 15 years old and have been on/off with it ever since.

  • Brian K. Stevenson

    Hi John,

    Good rendition of this…say are using some kind of TC harmonizer or are they in the backing track? Either way, I’m digging it. Over all you sound great but look a lil’ stiff…loosen up my brother! You’ve got skillz!



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  • joelheck

    Overall nice rendition of the song. Although the “Harmonizer” did a nice job, it masks the true purpose of reviewing your performance. Many of us know what a harmonirer can do, but we are not really hearing you. I would say for a performance fine, but not for a critique. It sounds like you have a nice vocal tone and good pitch control. One reason I mention the harmonizer, is that although I also use one, audience members have actually told me to not over do it, or that they like my voice plain (maybe just a bit of reverb or delay). Keep up the good work.

  • Project_indigenous

    Sounds great John,
    calm & nice…. feelings in your voice :-)
    So, on with it!

  • BeeCeeAudio

    My fiance thought Partridge Family, I thought Paul Simon! Sounds great John, though I do agree with ‘joelheck’, would love a listen without the harmonizer. But yeah, soulful and easy on the ear, well done.