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John Hall – Never My Love (acoustic cover)

Bio: I’ve loved to sing since I was about 5 years old listening to ”Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” on the radio. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to perform in front of anybody during my school years. I sort of got over that in college but still have performance anxiety most times until I get into the song. I started learning to play guitar to accompany my voice at about 15 years old and have been on/off with it ever since.

  • Hi John,

    Good rendition of this…say are using some kind of TC harmonizer or are they in the backing track? Either way, I’m digging it. Over all you sound great but look a lil’ stiff…loosen up my brother! You’ve got skillz!



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  • joelheck

    Overall nice rendition of the song. Although the “Harmonizer” did a nice job, it masks the true purpose of reviewing your performance. Many of us know what a harmonirer can do, but we are not really hearing you. I would say for a performance fine, but not for a critique. It sounds like you have a nice vocal tone and good pitch control. One reason I mention the harmonizer, is that although I also use one, audience members have actually told me to not over do it, or that they like my voice plain (maybe just a bit of reverb or delay). Keep up the good work.

  • Project_indigenous

    Sounds great John,
    calm & nice…. feelings in your voice :-)
    So, on with it!

  • My fiance thought Partridge Family, I thought Paul Simon! Sounds great John, though I do agree with ‘joelheck’, would love a listen without the harmonizer. But yeah, soulful and easy on the ear, well done.