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JohnPaul – Take Your Mama cover

This is me…www.johnpaulmusic.co.uk Human who sings.. loves to loop. Has a fascination with vocals and what the human voice can do! Me? I can be seen eating, breathing, blinking, snowboarding, cycling, and most of all, creating music. www.johnpaulmusic.co.uk – more about me there!

  • Davi Music1st

    This seems like fun!

  • KowBoy Tom

    John Paul, actually once I got through the extended dead spot at the beginning of your video, I liked your performance. Can you “get to the good stuff” any sooner? I like what you bring to the table. Keep serving it up.

    -KowBoy Tom

  • Hiya’

    Anytime I
    see somebody tweaking gear I’m down with it. Cool way to visualize explorative
    use of voice and technology for those that might be too nostalgic or frightened to try! I’m
    gonna’ hafta’ to give you a thumbs up for this…not because it moved me
    emotionally, but because it moved me mentally.

    From one geek to another = bravo
    zulu my friend! Love the Scissor Sisters btw. Kowboy’s comment about “dead
    spots” means he mostl likely missed the point of your video and that you were
    offering a “tutorial” of sorts for others who may be interested in
    reaching a symbiosis between voice and vocal technology.

    It’s a great time to
    be alive.  This is the first peer video I’ve
    seen a singer using the voice jam app.  Loved


  • Ooidgirl

    John Paul… I searched zzounds.com for your TC-hekicon voicejam looping gadget, but cannot find it.  Can you kindly tell me what device you are using ..model, make TC-Helicon I assume), year, etc.?  Is it something you’ve had for a while, and what can I purchase that essentially does the same function as you demo here is your video?  Thank you greatly, ~geobarb from Wyoming

  • JohnPaul

    Hey.. Sorry I haven’t replied..

    Right.. The TC-Helicon product is the IPhone (and now android) app called VoiceJam. It’s a looper app which is a couple of £ or € or $..

    It’s very easy to use and even has a live tutorial to begin with. I have had it on my phone for a fair few months.. But I plugged the output to a speaker so I could hear it and then played the piano over the top.

    Search the app store and type in “VoiceJam”.

    Hope this helps. JP