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Johnson – We Gone Make It

Aspiring Blues Musician. I write, sing and i’m begining to perform but battling stage fright. But having fun

  • LJW2012

    Sounds great bro!!! That’s what’s up!! I’m proud of u!

  • Saxual4u

    try using a drum machine, I will help you groove and fill up the holes. But you cool, I’ve doing this 50 years for as many as 100,000 it’s easy but for 20 people it eats my ass. LOL

  • Hiya’ Johnson,

    I dig the lyrics and the throaty grit in your voice…things get a little pitchy here and there…maybe even relax the effects a bit so your natural voice comes out more…it’s blues, down home, rough n’ tumble.  I could totally hear a band behind you and some heavy, blues, distortion kickin’ in, when ya’ blast into the hooks.  Thanks for sharing!