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Josh morales – The Girl cover

As cliche as I don’t want this to sound, music really does encompass a cast majority of my life. I truly love what music and song can do and i want to fully immerse myself in it. I’ve been using YouTube to start to hopefully showcase myself out there.

  • Iversonmatthew

    You have a great falsetto voice.. loved the switch up!! Very clever! My only piece of real criticism is that it would have been nice to see more of the guitarist/banjo player. I guess that’s me.. I like to see the facial expression. Great job though, I enjoyed it :)

  • Marc de la Torre

    Wow. Great job guys. Very talented! 

  • Sydney

    You have amazing talent!!! Awesome work :)

  • russ

    Nice, enjoyed it!!!!

  • Hi Josh,

    Great sounding voice! Got a Bruno Mars thing goin’ on there. This is a nice vid…you and your buddy work well together. You’ve got a modern voice for sure. Nice use of vibrato and falsetto. Pretty awesome switch up on the axe and banjo…that was a nice surprise. I’m sure you guys will go far if you want to! Thanks for sharing.