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Julien Sardon – She’s Out Of My Life cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Mark Baxter:

I really liked how balanced your voice is Julien. You allow your registers to switch and blend freely. That creates the sensitive touch you utilize so well. Your dynamics become predictable, though, as every time you rise in pitch the volume rises as well. The lyrics “Damn indecision” deserve more edge but because they were on low pitches got lost.

Julien’s Bio:

Hi, I’m Julien, born and raised in France. I feel very alive when I can touch people’s heart and soul, and when I can make them feel emotions. Music, and singing has been flowing inside of my veins since I was 3 years old ! Music has the power to open a door. A door of a world far from the stress of daily life. I do my best to be “Authentic”… I hope you will like my Authenticity… Take Care of Yourselves. Julien Sardon

  • Gail Attard

    hi i love this song and you sang it well … keep it up … i agree that low pitches are really hard to sing but i think you nailed the song :)

  • Julien Sardon

    THANKS A LOT GAIL !! So Nice of you to have commented !! You’re right !! I have to improve my singing technic !! :)

  • Julien Sardon

    THANKS MISTER BAXTER !!! Actually , when I recorded this video, I was only doing the “lips rolls” exercices more known as BUBBLES :)
    I have been recovering my singing technic for few months, by doing my normal technical work-out ( between 20 and 30 exercices) !!
    My singing teacher, born and raised in USA, teaches SLS METHOD in France !! she rocks !!
    You’re right, normally, the volume must not be modified when singing higher notes !! I think it’s a matter of CHORDS CLOSURE, chords connection, the SLS method is very benefit for that !!
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your professionnal feedback !! I wish you all the best Mark Baxter :)

  • victor

    Great song and great singer….

  • Julien Sardon

    Thanks a lot Victor !!! I’m so sorry, I was not informed that you posted a comment on my video here !! Take Care