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Justen Hunter – Yo (Excuse Me Miss) cover

A California kid that loves and enjoys singing

  • Gwen Maul

    I enjoyed the soulful gravely texture in your voice…sick or not I think it adds a unique twist to this Chris Brown song…I’d love to hear you do some 70’s soul classics..bet you’d sound awesome there too! Handsome face/nice beard love to hear more! Keep up the great work! :)

  • I just had to point out the spelling error for I would think the singer sang “Gravelly” and not “Gravely”…………that is unless this was at a funeral wake ?

    lol…….we all do it don’t we?

  • Gwen Maul

    Awwww thanks a bunch PM for that spell check…lol.. super appreciated!

  • Thank you so much! Was scared nobody was going to listen or like it if they did so thank you and give me a request and ill try it

  • Raie

    Hi Justen – you have some bluesy feel in your rendition and your range is wide; however you could tap into it alot more if your larynx was better opened in preparation; work at sliding up and down your whole sound width gently on ‘ng’ shape and keep the breath coming through; slow down over the ‘breaking points’ and iron them out; after a few sessions of prep like this, those interval jumps will get smoother; also plenty of water in the body lubricates the vocal chords and keeps them healthy too!