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Justin Goff – Train – Drops Of Jupiter (Cover)

Im just a singer songwriter trying to make his mark in the youtube community. All I really want is to have my music heard. I hail from Everett, Wa. where I work a crap job for not enough money to survive, but I am able to make my music and thats all that really matters.

  • Hello Justin :) 215 340

    Looks like you have some nice gear. Ah, the plight of the starving artist! Haha, I feel ya' brother. I just finished checking out your vid. My favorite parts of the song are at 2 minutes 15 seconds, and 3 minutes 40 seconds.

    If you will, review these time frames of the video…watch and listen to how you stop caring about the fact that your nervous and recording and on video, and you just let go!!! That's the Justin that will has a real shot at success and musical self satisfaction…you're working, writing, recording and practicing, so you are on the right track my friend :)

    Covers are a good place to start when trying to grasp a format that you enjoy and perhaps would like to adapt to your creative style. Keep up the good work.

    I could be wrong, but it sounds as though your guitar is out of tune and you do tend to struggle between wanting to deliver a great guitar line and killer vocal performance.

    Make sure you're tuned up, especially with acoustic music, as it's your only pitch reference. If you like a song but struggle to sing it with fervor, try alternate tunings that better suit your natural singing voice. One last detail…if you have a piano or synth available, try singing in key with each note until you find a range and pitch on the piano that feels really good. This will also unlock vast inspiration for you both musically and vocally. I wish you the best!



  • OOOOOHHHH!!!! This song is one of my all time favourites. It was the sountrack of one of my deepest breakdowns (up to now HAHAHAHA). You made my hair rise. Very emotive. A bit breathy, though, which makes you take in air at the middle of phrases, thus producing some weird cuts in your plasticity. Nevertheless, I donĀ“t quite agree with the previous comment about tune: that strange sub-tonation is exactly what Pat Monahan does in the original track, thus creating a sort of “that's-how-things-go-and-can-do-nothing-about-it” tension, specially in the “plain ol jane…” phrase, closest to rap rather than singing. I think this kind of “falling” out of tune reinforces some lyrics and emotions and is used frequently in rock music.

  • annegoff

    sweet dude.