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Kaitlyn Martin – Worth It original song

My name is Kaitlyn Martin. I’ve been singing since I could talk. In fact I used to have mini concerts when I was little using a plastic baseball bat! (original right? ;) ) I started playing guitar christmas 2009 and I started writing music in January 2009. I love music and I don’t know what I would do without it in my life. Music has really helped me break out of my shell. When I was in elementary school I was extremely shy in front of people. Music has helped me break that. Now I can sing in front of a room of 300 people. This song is called Worth it. I wrote it for my sister, but it’s for anyone who has been picked on, laughed at, told they’re not good enough or not pretty enough, or if someone just needs to be cheered up. Thank you so much for watching!

  • Hiya’ Kaitlyn!
    Well aren’t you enthusiastic?! :)  You have a great camera face and I enjoy that you’re emotive and expressive, when telling your story.  Your voice is nice and you keep your pitch in check pretty well.  The lyrics are good too!  Food for thought…your meter is all over the place.  Not bein’ mean!  I LOVE when artists submit their own material.  Try practicing to a metronome or click to work on the rhythm…and…you’re fun so don’t play so fast…we’re plenty fine hangin’ with you till the end of your song :)  You get a B+

  • Mick

    Love it,so much talent in one so young.Can’t stop playing it….very catchy.A name to watch out for in the future i think.


  • Charlie G

    Great song Vocals,A star in the making.Good luck & o Yes thanks…..My age 58 years I found this song refreshing!!!!!!  

  • Beautiful song, beautiful singing, beautiful singer, and what an inspiring song!!!  So great to hear you, what a wonderful sister you are!!!

  • Ridehanna

    Nice performance, I just have a couple of notes for the writing.The phrase “Worth it” as you will know is a well known slogan( because your…worth it) in our culture. So many of your listeners are going to have preconceptions as to how you might handle that. In this instance you chose to ignore it, which is fine because it is a sweet song. Bridge wise it would have been a good idea to depart more both rhythmically and musically from the chorus, we should be more buoyed up when you bring in the chorus at the end. Good work!