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Kareen – California King Bed cover

I am a 26 year old aspiring singer. I started my youtube channel a couple of months ago to sing for the public and get constructive criticism. I am looking forward to a prosperous career!

  • Hi Kareen,

    Unfortunately this video doesn’t do you justice.  I can tell you have a strong voice and passion for singing.  I recommend, for any aspiring vocalist, that they invest in some half decent recording gear.  If you want to bring people to your voice you need to make sure that what you deliver sounds good and looks good as well.  For most of the video, we’re sorta’ looking up your nose.  There’s a lot you can do with simple tricks.  For one, try backing away from the camera so that your voice doesn’t overload the input and we will also be able to see your lovely countenance.



  • KowBoy Tom

    Kareen, your voice and style are fabulous. You bring an inspiration to your performance that is simply magical. Keep going.

    -KowBoy Tom