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Kari Fleskes – Wouldn’t We Be Something – Original song

Bio: I’m 21. I’ve been writing songs since I was seven. I’m a published author and professional portrait artist. I’m also the jewellery designer for Revolutionary Runway, where I design jewellery for each themed month runway show. Check out my website for more music, portraits, and jewellery: www.karifleskes.webs.com

  • Kelly Fuller

    wow beautiful voice!

  • Hi Kari,

    Ok, this song is off to a very good start! I see a lot of acoustic pieces on the peer reviews…but most of the time dynamics in voice and instrumentation are steady, rarely evolving or delivering ebb and flow. I like the way you break up your voice when you sing the “Month of May.” Those kind of additives make it sound original and unique to you. Careful with your pitch though my friend…check out 1:30 into the tune…your pitch starts to wane out of control a little.

    Sounds like you have a strong Alto voice, which means hitting high notes will be a little trouble for you without a lot of practice. Your voice is husky and sultry…feels homey…like sitting next to a fireplace or sumpn'. Still, there are a lot of pitch problems throughout the song. I'd like to see you take this video a little bit further…how about just you singing to us, minus the guitar. Of course, let the recorded backing track of the guitar play, while you focus your attention on just singing the song. Your passion is greatly strained by having to “think to much,” and it shows on your face.

    You're attractive, have a sexy voice, and an air of sunshine about you. Maybe get a couple of friends to video you singing your song in a park or under some trees…or something natural. Go ahead and dub in some vocal harmonies…3rds and 5ths might go really well with this song…or perhaps try a 5th above and an octave below?

    Keep at it, you're fairly engaging, young, and you have the whole world before you. Sounds like your a pretty motivated gal with all that you have going on in your creative life. Let me ask…with so many creative variables, have you thought of a way to bring them all together under one roof. Your music is the commercial for what you are…so it had better hit home! I encourage you to find a way to bring your literature, art, and jewelry together.

    IOW, if you're doing a jewelry show, do what it takes to ensure your music is being played in the background. Or, while your playing live, use aspects of your art work to be a slide show or video that represents the music, while wearing your coolest bejeweled designs. It'll help keep you focused in a direction and none of your talents will fall short. You sound like a prime candidate for videography. Who is your audience…what kind of people go to your shows…start to try and pick up on what it is about you that causes people to congregate around you…bring all of those elements together and you'll be selling all of your goods in one place.