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Kassie Murillo – Marry You cover

Kassie Murillo-I’m a High School Student and a performer with 7 years performance experience. I’ve been playing ukulele for six months & guitar for a year and a half. I am the lead singer of a mexican band and also sing american country music at local venues.

  • Michael

    Loved it. Uh..no Patron for you, your to young for that, but not to young for a whole lot of natural singing talent. I have watched a lot of these videos and so far I like yours the best.
    Good luck, you have not only a sweet voice and persona but your control and power can still be heard even in such a playfull melody.

  • Perfect instrument for the song! Bruno Mars has a lot of lazy beach sounds in his arrangements, so this is a good stripped down version of the produced version.

    Your voice is very nice too, you’re singing in the right range for your voice.


  • Hi Kassie!

    Nice to see another vid from you :) Your singing, playing, and performance have really improved since the last post. Good that you’re interacting with the camera and learning to stir emotive responses. You picked a great song!



  • Paulm218

    Beautiful video in so many ways. Thanks for the hard work and thanks for sharing.

  • Hannah

    beautiful performance- real confidence for someone so young!