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Kassie Murillo – “Ring of Fire” Cover

Bio: My name is Kassie Murillo. I am a high school student and have been performing for seven years. I am a part of a band and do shows on my own as well. I play guitar and ukulele

  • Hello Kassie,

    You’re quite talented and it’s exciting to hear of someone so young being involved with music in so many wonderful ways. While you sing on key and play well, I feel this song is not right for you, because it completely lacks emotion. It’s simply not believable. You may enjoy the song and play it well but is it in sync with who you are as a person? Johnny Cash was a hardcore brother and he wore his life scars like badges…Your image is bubbly and cute…perhaps seek out songs that resonate well with who you truly are as a human being. You’re really talented though, so please don’t take these words as discouragement. Keep rockin’ and playing and do what YOU do!



  • Hi Kassie,

    I do agree with Brian that this might not be the right choice for you . The song to me has a deep meaning which was not really intepreted as i see it should . Perhaps its how you see the song , ones opinion is beyond my judgement . I do see you excelling in more bubbly songs , perhaps songs that depicts who you are or how you are feeling .

    Overall i think you have a good voice , i know how hard it is to strum and sing well at the same time . You managed to hit the high notes and making it seem effortless .

    From one musician to another , keep doing your thing . Cheers .


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  • Sarah Bella

    A surprising song choice for a young high school student! Would love to hear an original from you or song with the band you said your in. Nice vocals and pick guitar :)

  • Julia

    Hi Kassie: first putting yourself on video for internet critique takes a lot of guts. That you have. I heard a lot of good things in your clip. You play well, and you have a pleasant voice, and you sing in tune. Now I’m going to pick. You do something I have a great tendency to do — look detached from the music. But you’re in front of a camera and trying to make sure you’re staying in front because you’re also operating the camera, and seem like you’re splitting your attention between the camera and your playing. Again when I record in my home studio, I have to watch the meters and convey emotion. It’s hard. Have someone else work the camera next time. That’ll be one less thing to focus on. Then you can focus on the song 100%.

    I’m going to guess you’re about 17. Your voice will start to really mature in about 15 years when you’ll pick up that lower half-octave while retaining your upper range, and I’d revisit this song then. I think you could pull it off. I can visualize you on stage doing it — get a nice 12 string for it then ;) I thought you did well on this. Don’t ever stop singing.


    Hi Kassie,
    We love your performance!  Good luck with your band and keep on singing and playing!