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Kat Eaton – Chandelier cover

Vocal coach comments from Rachel Lebon:

Making good use of the lovely focused lows in your voice and contrasting them by floating the breathy highs for effect, which give you a distinct vocal quality and style. Audiogenic! Nice! Appreciate that you’re not dependent. Enjoy your original songs. Comin’ Home Nice Sultry Style. Subtle. You might experiment with allowing the jaw to drop a bit more on the high passages as well as in rapid passages which frees the tongue, which can enhance intelligibility.

Playing Millionaires – Nice original approach to accompaniment, and able to maintain rhythmic feel. Wasn’t sure if the melody was major or minor at the outset. (Intended for effect, or intonation?) Also, losing some of the words. You want original lyrics to leap to the listener’s ear. . Being picky, but lots of wonderful potential here. Listened to others songs as well. Good Luck in your career…

Kat’s Bio:

I’m a singer-songwriter based in London. I released my EP ‘Live at The Foundry’ on Ont Sofa Records on 16th June ’14, and its available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. I’ve written with Finalists from X Factor and The Voice on their up-coming albums, and I will be back in the studio recording my debut album this Summer. www.kateaton.com

  • Gary

    Kat, you have awesome passion in your vocals. I’d love to hear you enunciate your lyrics a little more as they are very powerful and should be heard. Your arrangement is beautiful – good work!