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Katie Chance – Do It Like A Dude cover

My name is Katie Chance I live in Burntwood near Lichfield in the midlands and I am a female vocalist! I have been singing for a few years now and can’t seem to go a day without it! I auditioned for xfactor 2 years back and didn’t have much look but successfully won ’the American idol experience’ in orlando Florida in April 2010 whist on holiday in Florida!! I have somehow become pretty big on youtube with over 170,000 views on my videos of me singing at home in my living room! I enjoy all music and would love the chance to make it happen as I have the confidence in myself to go far. I started singing around 2 years ago now as I have grown up in a musical family. I realised singing was my passion and haven’t stopped since. My parents brought me some equipment to record from home and I have used that to record and produce cover songs that I record and put on the internet for all my fans! Thanks so much for watching come and support me!!

  • Hi Katie,

    Good take! You’ve got a great sense of rhythm and pitch is on…plus you exude attitude…seems your passionate about this type of music. Keep it up…love it!