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Katie – Wanna Be Like You cover

Hello. My name is Katie and I love to sing. I also love acting and dancing. My dream is to be a West End performer or maybe work in entertainment on a cruise ship. :)

  • Hi Katie,

    Initially I wanted to “not” like this since the audio is so crappy. However, you’re so freakin’ cool and unique that I just fell in love with your vibe and your voice. I can’t fault your ability to sing for the bad audio. If anything, I can really tell what you sound like which is pretty awesome. On the Ooo…Ooo…Ooos of the first song you go flat. I think it’s a lil’ low for ya’ in those places. Additionally, really cool that you ran tons of songs together to show just how versatile you are. So, in two words…You rock and are a sister of true passion. I’m a toal fan! Thanks for sharing!