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Kauyer Lor – The One You Say Goodnight To

My name is Kauyer Lor. I’m sixteen years old and I love to sing and play the guitar.

  • Jessica Rose

    Wow Kauyer, what a beautiful song and a gorgeous voice! I love your style, you seem really comfortable with the camera, lots of great eye contact. Your higher register really soars, sometimes the lower register sounded a little weak, exercising your voice in that lower part of your range each day will help with that. Can we hear any of your other work online somewhere? Jess – http://www.holisticvoicelessons.com

  • Cute song Kauyer…I had to look this one up…found a few covers of it.  You do it justice in your gentle, sunny way.  You have good energy and a nice voice. Keep at it!  You’re doing great!



  • Anonymous

    Beautiful voice and fun to watch Kauyer!  Send us more!