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Keep It Close To Home – With A Twist

Songwriting with Sarah BellaThey say the best songs are simple. And it’s true.

Just listen to some of your favorite songs, I bet they are simplistic in nature and even sound a bit familiar.

They touch on very relatable subjects yet they stand out.

So as a songwriter, how can you write something that feels close to home yet also feels new?

I think that is a big struggle even with hit songwriters today: you want to appeal to the masses with something familiar yet you want your song to stand out as unique.

Perhaps one solution is the idea of perspective.

For example, though you may be writing on the common subject of heartbreak, it can feel new if it’s coming from a different perspective.

Maybe you are the one breaking a heart…you don’t hear that all too often.

This can be applied to any subject that you’re writing on.

Little twists will make for something new yet will still feel familiar. You can also play around with chords.

Maybe you’re playing a very familiar and overly used chord progression, but try letting those chords repeat over and over until a new melody pops out at you.

The melody you sing will sound new over the very familiar chords.