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Keeping The Passion In Your Performance?

This week we’re exploring the perils of over-rehearsal.

As musicians, rehearsal is a key part of our art form. From the moment we begin our vocal journey we are continually reminded of those immortal words, ‘practice makes perfect’. But can too much practice actually stifle the spontaneity in our performance? Is it possible that over-rehearsal can rob singing of the excitement and exhilaration that keeps up tethered to the stage? Here on Voice Council we’d like to hear your thoughts on this.       

So the question is: Can too much rehearsal ever kill the passion in your performance?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: What’s your favorite romantic love song duet and why?

Brad Weston wrote…

“So many, for so many different reasons. The brief love story in the lyrics of ‘Seven Spanish Angels’ as performed by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson so sadly poetic and powerful”.

Sean Fox Rocks Shots commented…

“Always – Bon Jovi. The passion in the vocal line – especially during the outro choruses gets me every time”.

Tony Carpenter responded…

“I don’t know much. Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt. Amazing voices and great lyrics”.

Thank-you once again for all your great comments and suggestions. Don’t forget to check out next weeks Q&A.