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Kelly Fuller – My Second Gift (original)

Bio: My name is Kelly Fuller, I am 29 years old, and I am a single mother of two pretty cool little boys who are 7 and 2. I have been playing guitar and singing for about 19 years now. I fix computers and networks for a living.

  • ronb15

    go kelly.. this one is my favourite and great to se you up here getting the credit you deserve.. your a truly gifted artist and a very nice person too! keep it up..

    Ciaran ;)

  • Kelly Fuller

    thanks Ciaran :) you ain't so bad yourself, haha.

  • Kristinf08

    it's awesome. im glad that you are moving up!

  • Loral Mcneely

    Your beautiful and your music is as always….always great to hear you sing…keep smiling my friend….your friend from facebook Loral Mcneely! : )

  • Renenga

    Have always loved your music, You have a voice like no other! I want to be able to say “I knew her before she was famous!”.. Love Ya Kelly!

  • Jim H.

    I love this song, I like how your chords flow with your voice, There is like a shimmering of tones that go well with both and your words compiment it well. Keep up the great work!

  • Krpdawg

    Kelly, the song is beautiful. Both songs you have written for your boys are beautiful. They are two pretty cool boys, but how could they not be, look at there mom. You can tell you are a wonderful mom and they sure do love you. Never give up on your dream…

  • Wendy Sims

    Well….. Ive been waiting two years…….but it was worth it!! Your talent amazes me. I enjoy watching you every week on stage, and when Im singing with the band I just wish I was a little more like you…..i gotta download this one so I can blast this in the restaraunt. Everybody already knows the words to the others :) thanks for being my friend, keep on singing, your music is a blessing and so are you and your boys…Love ya girl

  • Kelly Fuller

    well thank you for everything you do for me ms. wendy….like matt matt calls you haha. thanks :-)

  • Kelly Fuller

    thank you jim :-)

  • Kelly Fuller

    thanks kim….now that i know this is you lol :-)

  • Kelly Fuller

    thanks rene!! :-) and haha I WISH!!

  • Kelly Fuller

    Thank you again!! People like you supporting me makes me want to work that much harder at it! :-)

  • Kelly Fuller

    ahhahah maybe….but i am havin fun tryin….see ya tomorrow

  • Kristinf08

    at least you aren't completely saying no to it now. haha. its upgraded to maybe! I'm proud!

  • Tam

    Someone else already posted this but I am so blessed to be able to watch and hear you play every week. I am also happy to say “Yeah I knew her when….” Keep up the good work and gift us all with your talents. Thank you for using what God gave you.

  • Wrightrenee

    I love it..You have a true God given talent..and I agree 2 really cool boys. I am blessed to know you..I really enjoy listening to your music.

  • Kelly Fuller

    dork haha

  • Kristinf08

    I'm your favorite dork. ha.

  • Kristan pointed this page out but it's me stayin and listenin, again & again.
    LOVE your singing, playing and song composing skills (anyone can write a song, composing takes real skill)
    You have that something else that takes you above my friend.
    Wonderful xx

  • Beautiful <3

  • Gowens11


  • Kelly Fuller

    you crazy garin! lol thanks!!!

  • Kelly Fuller

    thank you :-)

  • Kelly Fuller

    You are just bias…and too kind :-) Thanks :)

  • Kelly Fuller

    Yep they are !!! and thanks!

  • Kelly Fuller

    haha…a little wishful thinking never hurt anyone i don't reckon lol thanks!

  • Damaris

    Awesome as always. Love your voice :)

  • Kelly Fuller

    you're the bestest 'maris :)

  • Horsnsport

    Love it, Kelly. Your voice is so unique. I love the little yodel thing going on in there! And you are such a talented guitar player as well. I look forward to hearing you play every sunday. Thanks for sharing your talents with us! KellyC

  • Julie

    This rocks!!!! You rock. Keep ♪♫♪♫♫♫♪♪

  • Hardcastle Julie

    Kelly.. where are you playing at! I miss listening to you. Martin and I will have to come soon!

  • Kelly Fuller

    AHHH hey!! i am working on that!!! trying to get ready to go back out!! i will let y'all know for sure! :) thanks :)

  • Kelly Fuller

    thanks girl!

  • Kelly Fuller

    Thanks Kell :-)

  • JennyRain

    i likey!

  • Fdhutto

    great job

  • *Grins* Now what did I tell ya about that, girl?
    I am biased cos you're me mate but I love your voice and words cos they hardwire themselves directly into my soul.
    So There ;)

  • Jeff (AthensGuitar)

    Great job, Kelly! Well written song and you have a fantastic voice!

  • elmerglugh

    This is a really good song and arrangement.

  • Hello Kelly,

    Right of the bat there's an intensity about you. That tats, pick clenched between your teeth, and a pensive pain in the crease of your brow…not-to-mention the way you almost slam your guitar down at the end…all show signs of a thick skinned woman, who's not afraid of dottin' ya' in the eye if you cross her. You look slightly dangerous…so when you moan out “My Second Gift” with the sweet ring of your guitar it makes one feel akin to your vibration. It 's a beautiful amalgam mixing sweets with salt :) My favorite trail mix tastes the very same way and I love it!

    I expect that the bluesy warble that you use a lot to exaggerate your vocal is big part of your original style…maybe use it a little less so it makes a greater impact when ya' go for it. Sarah McLaughlin does that a lot, but she does it when it's necessary to drive an emotive passage home and then relaxes the listener's ear back into a soothing coo. Doing this in every line of the song becomes a bit redundant by the end of the song so perhaps try letting your passages breathe a bit more before hitting us with a fistful of passion!.

    Sounds like you have your hands full with the family, the puter job, and writing songs. Geeks rule! Haha, I'm an IT nerd too. So let me ask…since you're techy…have you put together a small recording studio for yourself? All you need is a good puter, sound card, and some kind of DAW interface. Check out some of the Pro Tools Options, or Sonar if ya' want to keep it cheap. Actually ACID Pro is super easy to record through and you can make automatic loops of your guitar and voice and really start to build your songs up! Shoot me a line if you'd like some help setting up a small, affordable studio for your wonderful music!



  • Tcoll2000

    I think those boys are lucky to have you as a mama.