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Kelly Keeling’s Vocal Energy

Kelly Keeling's Vocal Energy
He broke onto the scene with “Walks Like A Woman” – now we ask him the secret of his vocal energy.

Kelly Keeling broke onto the music scene with the group Baton Rouge and the MTV and Radio hit “Walks Like A Woman”. He’s also been with the Michael Schenker Group, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Red Zone Rider.

He’s now totally invested in Foundry, the fresh, new, smokin’ hot band out of the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas.

We asked Kelly to tell us about his music influence, his favorite gear and what he’s learned about vocal health through the years.

One influential singer, and what it is that makes them stand out to you?
Paul McCartney. Everything he has done from Beatles to Solo to singing and songwriting to quality of life… He’s Awesome!

Something’s that’s worked for you in reaching a larger audience?
Leaving America. I love the USA but I’m an artist not a party animal.You've got to be in good health, good shape physically and mentally

A performance FAIL?
Not hitting the notes… sickness, fatigue, living wrong. It’s embarrassing!

A performance SUCCESS – and why?
Preparation; You’ve got to be in good health, good shape physically and mentally. Not just the parts that make the voice but the whole body. You’ve got to rehearse. A lot!

Fav. Vocal Gear & Why.
TC-Helicon and Sennheiser products. They really help reproduce sound of the studio. We use the products in the studio after all…

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way.
Learn your lesson.

A vocal-singing lesson you’ve learned the hard way.
A singer must have ample rest and warm up time prior to any performance.

A few ingredients of a memorable vocal performance?
Prep! Knowing you’ve performed well. So well that you could hear a pin drop during quiet parts and audience hurt my ears at end of performance the applause was so loud.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media?
Don’t depend on it too much.

It's a marathon not a dash

Most important lesson you have learned about vocal health?
It’s a marathon not a dash. Diet, exercise, pace yourself, rest, warm up, cool down, proper technique.

Biggest challenge to breaking out and sharing your music with new people?
Getting on a good tour in America. I’m looking forward to doing that with Foundry, which dropped its debut CD recently, mixed by 7x Grammy-winner Steve Thompson. As a band, we have the live show chops and it’s a great production thanks to our band leader Marc Brattin.

A question you wished we asked you – and your answer?
What’s is like resurrecting your career with a fresh, new band? Foundry is awesome! We have energy, drive and hunger like a band of 18 year olds with the experience and wisdom of 40 year olds. It’s a nice mix that way.

What is an area of your career that is a little (or a lot) unique or different?
I don’t like crowds but I must play to them. I’m uncomfortable being the center of attention. However, I’m a singer/performer and front man, it comes with the gig. I get it!


FOUNDRY is an American Rock Band from Las Vegas featuring Kelly Keeling (vocals), Marc Brattin (drums), James Fucci (guitar), Scott Griffin (bass) with special guest Stoney Curtis (guitar solos). This record is 10 catchy songs of Hard Rock/Pop. Engineered by Matt Breunig (The Killers) and mixed by 7X Grammy Award Producer Steve Thompson (Guns N’ Roses, KISS, Metallica, Korn, Soundgarden).

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