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Kelly-Louise Warner – Runner Up, Ballarat Idol 2009

Bio: Hi – My name is Kelly-Louise and I am 28 years old. I have been singing since I was 6, classically trained, but have spent many years working in cover bands, amateur and professional Musical Theatre and Opera, and in cabaret. This video was taken on Boxing Day last year, in a local singing competition featuring around 150 singers. Not my best performance, but I came second.

  • Kelly!YOU are a wonderful singer…beautiful vibrato. It’s a real treat to hear schooled singers; I love it all…but your voice has a classic timelessness. When you croon, into the hooks, I get absolute chills…I most enjoy the longing haunt as you slightly blues your notes…do that more…be the song but be you in the song. I do feel that this song is too low for you in the verses, as your pitch falls off there…you’re such a good singer that with the right song, in your best register, you will totally rock the house and win first place next time!!!Namaste,Brian

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  • Sarah Bella

    Classically trained and it shows! Beautiful voice and great performance, and congrats on placing in the contest !!