Ken Adams – Somebody Like You cover

  • Hi Ken,

    Seems like your band’s having a lot of fun up there. ย Cool to see a flying V in a song like this! ย You’re killing it on the verses…sounds real good. Need to work on your highs and other parts…kinda outa’ key. ย Still, your handling, guitar, voice, performance, and an audience, which is not easy to do. ย You’re off to a good start my friend.



  • Hotsounds

    Just a bunch of guys having a good time. My opinion if stated, would, I know, be seriously at odds with afficionados of this genre. But then, Musical Democracy is the keystone of all music and thankfully, the use of the on-off button is also a Democratic right. 5/10

  • KowBoy Tom

    Ken Adams, me? I like! Keep going!

    -KowBoy Tom