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Keryth – Now and Forever cover

I’m just a little frenchy who loves to sing and to play guitar since i was 15 years old :)

  • Watch video back lighting as you have wonderful expression.. it would be more powerful to see it in addition to hearing it. There might be a vocal coach here who could give some tips on how to “loosen up” those high notes. I enjoyed it :)

  • Kathie

    I like you Keryth! A little restricted as the other commentor said but you are lovely. Open up your high range. I’ll be listening;)

  • Anthony Aka Keryth

    thanks for your comments :) i had a hard time trying to sing on high notes… and i still have some work left to perfect it as i really want it to be… i recently added a video cover of “I won’t give Up” by Jason Mraz on which i sing a bit more higher… still i’m not really satisfied yet! and sorry for the quality of my vids anyway… i know the lights are not good but i’m recording on an old camera borrowed from my brother and i’ll try to make my next videos more…enlightened :p (sorry if my english isn’t perfect too… i’m french so by all means… please don’t take it bad :) )

  • anthony Aka Keryth

    hi ^^ if you wanna check out my channel i posted a cover of Jason Mraz’ “I won’t give up” on which i try to sing on a higher range…tell me what you think :)

  • Hey Keryth, you have a really lovely voice and it fits perfectly with your mellow guitar playing!
    I also tend to struggle with the high notes since it seems to be so much easier to strain and force them out of your vocal chords than simply letting them happen. Lip roll exercises are always a good way to release tension and getting a better feeling for the high notes. Next time when your singing a song, try ‘lip-rolling’ the melody first (loose lips, making a brrr sound) a couple of times and then sing the song with the lyrics. Only one of many things one can do to reach high notes effortlessly. – Again, I really enjoyed listening!
    Cheers, Jenny