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Khady – Grenade (Bruno Mars Cover)

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to sing. It’s not until a year ago I decided to take that leap and explore where my voice can go. I have not taken any professional class but that’s the plan!

  • Bilgo

    Great attitude, Cool voice and nice recording, I love the passion! wish the backing track was a bit funkier :). Good Luck,

  • Khady

    Thanks for the positive feedback Yuval. It’s much appreciated ;-)

  • Jmill0773

    Wow!!! LOVE your tone! So bright and full of energy!!!!

  • Hey Khady,

    You’ve got great attitude and a gritty take on lyrics. I’d love to hear this song fully produced = it swells strong, mental, visuals. You sing better and better as the song moves along, showing a building confidence as the song grows. Relax and try to capture that from beginning to end. Awesome tune!



  • Khady


    That is wonderful advice. Thank you. I totally see that and will definitely work on that.


  • I like the cloud decorations at the beginning!

    I think there are some chords on the guitars that you miss a bit? Makes the timing slightly off.

    Other than that, nice powerful vocals!