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Kiahna Saneshige – Hurt cover

I’m Kiahna and I love making music.

  • Jane Bruder

    I love your singing Kiahna!! You are so talented!

  • You have a nice clarity to your voice :) I would take some time and find a mic that compliments it :) Very kewl :)

  • russell St George

    Sounds Awesome great version!!!

  • Hi Kiahna,

    You sound like a dark and sultry siren. Just awesome! This song kills me everytime I hear it. I love NIN, but loved Johnny Cash’s take even better…seeing his broken hands and weatherd face just worked. So it’s a tall order to follow up behind that. I love the way you sound the verses…you kind of fall back into being really unrefined in the choruses…but ya’ still hooked me…try giving the choruses the same feelings. Or ignore me and do what you do…either way I’m a fan after hearing this take on what I consider a fabulous song. Thank you for sharing!