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K&M 21431 Microphone Stand Boom Accessory


Need to increase the positional options on your mic stand?

Item: K&M 21431 Microphone Stand Boom Accessory

Price: $26.99 (US), £12.45 (UK), E14.50 (EU)

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At A Glance: The König and Meyer (K&M) 21431 is a microphone boom stand add-on that can work with your existing mic stand to increase the positional options you have in the studio and on stage. It is 29cm long and has 3/8inch tread so it can be attached to your mic stand where you would usually attach your mic clip. It features a rotating clamp to enable you to get the boom extension in the perfect position which has attachments for both 3/8 and 5/8 inch mic clips and shock-mounts.

High Notes: The adaptor is particular useful if you want to mount your studio microphone upside down – something that can be quite tricky with some studio mics and standard microphone stands. Studio engineers will often mount their vocal mics upside down as it can help with a range of problems such as helping to reduce excessive plosives and allowing the heat from tube mics to rise. By having an extra bracket to your mic stand and mounting your mic this also allows the stand of the base to be placed further away from the feet of the singer to stop them accidentally kicking it as well as make it easier to place lyric sheets in front of them if needed.

Off Pitch: There is little to fault with the K&M 21431; however the way it is designed with the two mic clip threads at different ends means it is not quite as elegant for stage use than it could be.

A Voice Council Reviewer Says: In the studio and on stage the K&M 21431 boom arm can be a valuable accessory for adding flexibility when positioning your microphone on a stand. If you want to experiment with hanging your studio microphone upside down and having trouble with your existing stand, then it could be the perfect solution (and cheaper than buying a new stand). As well as single mic use, the boom could also be used with two microphones if you want to set up a basic stereo micing arrangement for recording a choir or drum overheads.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://produkte.k-m.de

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