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Kylie Butterworth

HI I’m Kylie, I’m 15 years old a very outgoing and bubbly. I am very competitive in everything I do, and strive for what I want to achieve. I am very passionate about music and wish to share true stories that you can relate to in the songs I sing. I want to inspire people to follow there dreams no matter what! Only you have the power to make it come true and that’s what I’m trying to do, I want to share my passion with the world and make people happy through listening to my music. I know it’s what I was meant to do and I won’t stop until I’ve reached my goal!

  • My my…well onward and upward then! You have a great attitude Kylie, quite ambitious. Making people smile is a wonderful way to put your music forward. “Perfect” is a nice start and I like the swagger of the tune. Your chorus is catchy and might really shine brightly if you add some harmony to it. Ya' know?! Explore a variety of spaces, to help your voice travel, when the hook comes.

    Granted, you can't exactly harmonize with yourself without a little help from technology but you can begin to understand how something like one good vocal line can build and escalate into something really powerful. Got a birthday comin' up? Ask the rents for a Voice Tone Correct or Create. They're inexpensive little boxes with lots of nice colors to help you along. Voice and Instrument lessons will also really help ya' climb the musical ladder quickly :)

    Be careful with your pitch as it wavers quite a bit throughout the song. You may or may not have a way to get a really great recording but use whatever you have to bring out definition in your music and singing style. Try recording a really soulful take of your guitar…concentrate on it without the vocal, at a tempo that feels right. Once you get a good take, start singing against the recorded guitar line without having to play and sing at the same time. Allow yourself to discover the voice and the guitar as separate instruments and then put them back together again. I think you'll find fine results!

  • ronb15

    this is wonderful. very well done !