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Have You Ever Been Scoped by a Voice Doctor?

Patient undergoing throat procedure

This month we asked our Voice Council Facebook followers if they had ever had a laryngoscopy  – and if they found it valuable.

It seems that many of us have endured the doctor’s clinic and found the procedure informative, fascinating and fun!

Suzi Woods explains how her vocal problems led to her enthusiasm for vocal health and technique:

Michael Vaughn says it’s better to be safe than sorry:

Sarah Dearling tells of the time she worked alongside professional performers:

Sharon Mari recommends a scope for the curious:

Kathleen Connell takes the matter of vocal hygiene very seriously:

Alixandrea Corvyn explains how it calmed her worries:

Cosima Ybarra says it can be educational AND fun:

Next month we ask you: what is the most important aspect of your technique to check and maintain? Join in the conversation on the VoiceCouncil Facebook page.

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