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Latest Winners!

Your peers reveal their favourite quotes, tips and secrets of vocal success…

Congratulations to our latest Peer Review Video winners: Evan LeJeune, Giselle, Joseph Andre, Josh Humphrey, Josh Morales, Kiahna Saneshige and Mike Sharp – all have won a TC-Helicon VoiceTone T1 Pedal!

We’ve caught up with each of our winners to share an important thought with the VoiceCouncil Community.

Juicy Tid-Bits

Evan uses social media and says he gets the best results be engaging the audience by including them – such as having a poll, or doing a giveaway.

Giselle’s  favourite vocal artist is Ed Sheeran because of his unique and emotional voice; he’s not afraid to show his creativity by using use new technologies in performance.

Joseph says the best way to approach a gig is to relax, have fun and imagine as if you were playing in front of all your closest friends.

Josh Humphrey’s advice is to just be yourself and have fun! He says, “The reason we play music is because we love it, so enjoy it.”

Josh Morales’  best lesson ever taught about singing: “to find my voice, not someone else’s.”

Kiahna’s  mental preparation before going on stage is a wholehearted prayer and a five minute “zone-out-session”. “My faith keeps me centered and when I zone out all distractions, I find myself calmer and more confident.”

Mike’s advice for artistic success is practice and experience: “warmup before, connect to the material and audience during, and review with honest folks and playback after the performance.”

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