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Laura – Me Myself & Time – Demi Lovato Cover

Bio: Im 15, I live in London & music is my life :)

  • Hi Laura,

    “Me, Myself and Time,” is a cool song. I really like the lyrics and the fact that you tie in elements and technology of your generation. Who would have sung about laptops and video capture only a decade ago and accept it as common place? 15? Way to go!

    Laura, I notice the video drags behind the music. Did you dub in the music at a later time? I've got a pretty slick system that can handle heavy number crunching / net connection and it should be able to keep up with your video stream.

    Anybody else having this problem viewing Laura's vid? If this is the case put some extra care in synchin' up the audio with the video. The audio is quite clear, more so than I would expect from the room your in and the mic on the vidcam. At present, if this is our only way of connecting with Laura, you may lose otherwise interested fans by not checking your tech before you submit it ;)

    Not sure if it's the mix or the way you're playing but you really overpower your vocal during the hooks with the guitar. Be careful with that…I do think this is an interesting song. Work on those dynamics and make the tune breathe. You've got an interesting and peculiar approach to music; I definitely look forward to hearing more from you :) Thank you for sharing.