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Laura Monk – Baby Come Back

I am the lead singer in Laura Monk & High Cotton out of Atlanta, Ga. I’ve been singing all my life(which is pretty long!). I’ve sung Celtic, Rock, Country,Standards and other genres, but really enjoy performing and writing original music with my band. My genre of choice is Americana as it is a bit of everything! The dream is to sell my songs and continue to perform, continue to write stories/songs that speak to others. Ideally, to perform smaller venues, sell lots of songs and still be able to go to the grocery store in private! Any advice on my style/technique, etc. would be greatly appreciated..thank you for taking the time to listen. This is a live/raw performance, no fixes…warts and all…the real deal!

  • Hello Laura,

    You sound great.  A true professional and fun for your audience…very captivating.  Sounds like your comforatable and know your guitar and voice well.  Bravo!



  • Laura Monk

    Thank you Brian and please excuse my tardy reply….haven’t been back to visit this until just now. I so appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. Very rewarding and helpful to see that you think I am doing good things!