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Laura Warwick Smash Into You – Beyonce – Live Acoustic

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  • Hello Laura,

    You have a soft and saccharine voice. This is a nice rendition of an A+ cover. I do like the slow mo, caring, approach to the video…it lends itself well to the languid nature of the song. However, it takes far too long to develop a connection with you as a singer. We never really get to see you actuate the vocal. Since we don't know you out here in inet land, I feel you could have captured us long before 3 minutes into the song. It's also very evident that the music is a studio version as we never get to see you perfectly synchronize the visual to the vocal we're hearing. For the most part you have a great voice but become pitchy in the strong, dynamic, portions of the vocal. Keep working hard; you have a good image and some good fellas there that believe in you. Work as hard for them as they are for you.



  • Cher22

    Nice voice. A little flat in a couple spots. You can improve in a few places but u have good possibilities. I would like to see you sing more authenticly and not be performing for the cameras. I felt like I was watching a scene from the Young and the Restless in a couple spots. Lady, you can do it..the vocals prove it, so just be your true self and do it! The cute guitar player did a real decent job on the music. It would be nice to see him play while you perform a song beside him.