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Lauren Tate – Speechless cover

Hi I’m Lauren, I’m 14 years old from the UK and love to sinf. Currently co-writing my first album, which is a complete new experience for me, but enjoying every minute!!

  • Lauren Tate

    Whoops I meant “love to sing” I do have better vocal performances on You Tube but the requirement is for a live video so posted this one. Hope you enjoy. Join me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/laurentatebarnsley  Thankyou xx

  • Lauren Tate

    or sub my You Tube channel.. nearly at 1000 subs and would love your support! 

  • AlecDrow

    In germany we´d say: The title is program (meaning your performance makes me speechless)
    All thumbs up!!

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    Lauren, love, I can’t wait to hear your 1st album. @14 you have some pipes. Great look, presence and attitude. UR cover was very close to the original. What can U do with UR own original. Best of luck!


    Way to go Lauren!  Good luck with your album!  We will watch for it!

  • Hiya’ Lauren!

    You have a good, stock, voice…image is kickin’ and you’re plenty animated :) The video looks really great n’ audio ain’t too bad.  I think you need a live audience!



  • KowBoy Tom

    Lauren Tate, excellent presentation! Well done.

    -KowBoy Tom

  • Kenny

    Hey PJ! It doesnt matter what you sing, it sounds amazing! Your one of the most gifted artists ive ever witnessed and i luv ya. Your gift is so natural, its almost impossible for you to not succeed in fullfilling your dreams. Keep up the good work and take care my friend.

  • You always leave me speechless Lauren.. You are amazing!