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Lauren Tate – Use Somebody (Cover)

Bio: Hi I’m Lauren. I am 13 years old and live in South Yorkshire England. I have been singing for enjoyment for about a year.

  • Daviddimuzio

    great look, great tone, great pitch. If I HAD to give a critique it would be that you're a little early timing wise on some phrases, but overall fantastic job! :)

  • Cher22

    Very wonderful, rich and full, dynamic voice. Your voice sounds very mature for your age. You have some awesome vocal qualities. A room with better acoustics would be helpful. Your vocal range is fantastic. Your sound quality is wonderful. with just a little more work, you could come to the US and blow them away on American Idol.

    Great Job!

  • Sarah Bella

    With a voice and stage presence beyond your years, I'd say you are well on your way! I think with your voice you could even switch up the vocals here and there to give that hit song your own twist!

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  • Hi Lauren,

    Good job at covering this tune…you put your own flare into it…and the singer from this band already has a very original voice…you've given it a softer R&B vibe…I like it. I'm not a fan of covers because it rarely shows how “creative” an artist is…but you picked a familiar tune and pulled it off quite well. Sometimes you're a lil' pitchy on the trills but cover it up well. I do like that you move about to the music and don't just stand there. You have a great image for your vocal style…I look forward to hearing more from you :)



  • Lauren Tate

    Thanks for all your comments they are all very helpful and really encouraging. x

  • Drama-queen-2k7

    well done lauren :D it's abbey .S yhoor really guurdd lol, i envy yhoor voice xxxxx ilu

  • jakk

    LAURENN!!! your voice inspires me and im looking forward to singin with you next year your brill !! xxxxxx