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Lawrence Trailer – Only For The Night (Original)

I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist out of South Florida currently living in NYC trying to make the dream a reality. Thank you for viewing and feel free to comment or suggest songs for me to cover.

  • Hi Lawrence, nice song. If you can pull your falsetto down to your chest to add more energy and resonance to it, I think Robbie Williams's “Angels” would sound great with your voice. Where was it that I read “don´t dream your life, live your dreams”? Good luck.

  • Bravo. You've got it all – the beautiful and catchy melodies, the amazing vocals, and the heartfelt lyrics. Great chords and rhythm, too! If you ever get a chance, do check out my originals and let me know how I should go about bettering them: youtube.com/TamaraDesireeKim

  • ujiya


    Songs to cover…why? This is my favorite vid so far…I imagine you do a fine job of performing because you're actually working that tiny space you're in…engaging the camera with your eyes as well as your voice. Anyone can relate to the lyrics. Guitar, voice, and collective ambience of the room had a good balance considering the pop shot sound of the video. Your pitch is rockin'! Stick with the originals brother…you sound like you and that's a good thing.



  • C.G.N.C.

    love this one – and those people who talked about how you sang….they’re talking about how you used to sing, and mabe you should slow it down a beat…