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Leah Khambata – Metaphorically perfect (original song)

Bio: Hi, my name’s Leah. I’m 17 years old. Music is a fundamental part of who I am. I’ve been singing since I was 2 years old .I started learning the acoustic guitar when I was 15 and ever since, I’ve been composing my own music and writing my own lyrics. Until now, I’ve written 6 complete songs. I hope to record them all eventually

  • I love it! Nice voice, good song structure!

  • Hi Leah,

    Very nice song and a good recording too. You have good voice control and and even rhythm on your guitar work. Very impressive for a 17 year old! Kudos to you for entertaining recording your tunes in a professional manner…not only will we be pleased but you will as well. I feel that your lyrics are honest and heart provoked…all elements of great pop substance. Leah, it does look like you're thinking too hard, which is totally understandable. If anything, I encourage you to perform in front of a mirror to help you find the confidence that a strong frontperson needs, when entertaining an audience of any size. Great job my friend! Keep up the hard work and will go far :)



  • Avelyne

    Very good song! I like the lyrics and the structure of the song. You have a lovely voice and your voice matches your song perfectly. Here's some advice when you are going to record something: Try to look in the camera sometimes in stead of looking another way ;-) But the song was perfect! Awesomely done! ^^
    xx Avy

  • Dazeo777

    Very pretty song and a pretty voice to match! Your guitar playing, voice tone, and melody made me want to pay attention and really listen to your song great job!

  • JElkins

    Really loved your lyrics… really honestly written and sung with a beautiful natural sense of where the centre of the pitch of each note sits. I liked how you often sung a straight note without vibrato allowing the listener to soak up the deliciously in tune way you sing and sweet vocal tone. I can't wait to hear what you do next, you're such a young talent with musicality beyond your years. The sky's the limit!

  • Meherpb7

    i just think this is brilliant! leah really has tremendous talent and she wil go far…

  • wow <3
    i like this song and u'r nice vocal ..
    really ..