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Learning The Hard Way

This we’re looking at the tough lessons that have shaped you as vocalists.

It’s often our experience in ‘the field’ that teaches us the most. Though we work off stage to hone and develop our craft, nothing can fully prepare us for spotlight other than actually going for it! This week we’d like to hear about the lessons you’ve learned the hard way and what effect it’s had on you as a vocalist. Perhaps you’ve been to hasty learning lyrics or failed to warm-up effectively – whatever it is we’d like to know.

So the question is: As a vocalist and a performer, what’s one thing you learned the hard way?   

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: Which song would you choose to close the London 2012 Olympics & who would you have perform it?

Maya Adele Feildhouse wrote:

Ed sheeran – be like you”! 

Rick Kaupp responded:

WONDERWALL song by Liam Gallagher -because he’s voted best frontman in The UK……enough said”.

Lee Cunningham commented:

Shed seven doing Going for Gold”

Jackie Drew posted:

All together now by the Farm”.

London’s Olympic celebration actually came to a close with ‘My Generation’ by The Who. What did you think? Share your opinions on our ‘Facebook Page’.

All the best

C x