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Lee Whittaker – Turned My World Upside Down

Hi, I’m Lee. I’ve been writing songs for about seven years now , hope you like my them, Thanks.

  • Hello Lee,

    True grit! Haha, good catchy melody. Often musicians will take us into a world of cryptic, personal, messages that sound poetic but we're left wondering “What the heck did they just say?” You don't do that…you go for the jugular and just say what you're feeling – I favor this approach!

    “Turned My World Upsidedown” hints at CSNY type stylings. Not sure if you have a full band, but your vibe with the acoustic should go over well in a college setting fo' sho.' You seem comfortable in your own skin and it shows. Keep up the good work brother!

    The only thing I'd like to mention for you to work on is completely up to you. It could just be your preference and there's nothing wrong with that. However, you do sing the song almost entirely from you vocal mask, which is your sinus area. This creates a nasal sounding vocal and is a huge part of some singer's sound i.e. Kurt Cobain, Neil Young.

    If you'd like, experiment singing from your belly up and allow your breath to flow through your body. You'll capture more air to push your voice with and also open up your vocal cavity for a warmer performance.



  • leewhittaker

    Hi Brian
    Thanks for your comments and glad you like my style im more into melody than too much technical stuff. I like to try to be to the point and hopefully write songs that are catchy and that people can relate to. There are so many that are much more technical and like you say sometimes ott with there poeticness and sometimes I feel that people look for some deep meaning to a song and when I write its just something in my head at the time doesnt necessarily mean anything its just melody and lyrics to me simple and to the point and hopefully people dont get bored. Not really into CSNY my main influences have been Paul Weller marc bolan, kelly jones, CCR and my favourites the rolling stones. Anyway thankyou for you comment

  • tomvanruiten

    I like you chorus…it's catchy. I get a little bored during the verses though…but I like the chorus a lot :)