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How to Create a Screaming Good YouTube Channel

Leo Moracchioli is a musical powerhouse who has rocked the stage of Norway’s biggest festivals and boasts 84 million views on YouTube.

He runs Frog Leap Studios where he shoots his energetic creative cover versions and produces records for Norway’s finest talents.

He tells us how much work goes into a successful YouTube channel and how singers can stand out from the crowd with a bit of imagination.

How and why did you venture into posting videos on YouTube?
It started out as a platform for promoting my previous bands and acoustic covers act. As I come from a metal background, just for fun one day I did a metal cover of Lady GaGa´s Poker Face. That got 1 million views and I saw the potential for it. I really enjoy making crazy heavy versions of songs.

Has success on YouTube changed your career?
It´s crazy I get these kinds of views now that from people from all over the world who follow me the second I put out something new. I´m not looking to be famous or do a lot of touring. I´ve done the band stuff for many years, but I have a family now so I´m content with staying at home and making a living from YouTube.

I record, mix, master, shoot and edit in 7 days

Give us an idea of how much work you put into YouTube.
I spend a couple each day just on social media and email. YouTube is not easy work; it takes A LOT of time. I put out a new song with a music video every Friday. So that means I record, mix, master, shoot and edit in 7 days. In 2014 I went all in without an option to fail, which made all this happen. I was gonna do it, and do it good no matter what.

Give us some tips on how to stand out from the crowd on YouTube?
Being original, shooting in different locations (not just sitting in your chair), show your emotions and go all in! I’ve shot videos in the back of my car, running through a mall with a rabbit suit and standing on top of mountains.

What equipment do you use to film videos?
I vary between a Canon DSLR and a couple GoPros. The Canon has the best overall quality and gets close to a cinema style. The GoPros are great for hooking on to your guitar or drums so you can go crazy!

What advice to you have for people who don’t have fancy equipment?
Technology has come so far that you can get a killer guitar sound on your phone or tablet. More than ever it’s important to be creative with what you have. Technology can get professional sounds quick, but you have to watch that you don’t get stuck in the details cause it’s overwhelming.

How do you get the best performance from vocalists?
The common thing for singers must is that they have to believe in themselves and feel that they can do/try whatever they want. An uncertain singer never works. So just trying to make the feel comfortable is the highest priority.

Layering vocals can hide little imperfections.

Tell us about your favorite pieces of vocal gear.
I use the Shure SM7B for all my own vocal stuff with my Presonus mixer. I really like the TC Helicon Voice Live 3 Extreme which I use for videos and live stuff.

Give us 1 tip for vocalists who record themselves at home?
Layering vocals can hide little imperfections.

Tell us about your favorite YouTube artist.
Rob Scallon is definitely high up there. He´s a very talented musician who is a little out of the ordinary and uses some comedy.

Leo screaming

Leo Moracchioli runs a studio on the west side of Norway where he does metal and acoustic covers on YouTube, gear reviews, records and produces bands, plays live shows and video work.

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