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Liv Brooking – You Know I’m No Good

Hi im Liv Brooking, im 17 from Essex i am a very keen singer hoping to break into the industry! In the past couple of months have been working with a Musician called Alan Whittaker doing some solo recordings and some along with my band AurorA including Maryanne Williams and Alice Bolton. I write all of my own songs and songs for the band also. at the moment i Love music with a passion and am hoping to get noticed :)

  • Christen

    awesome job on this song!

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  • Sarah Bella

    Great color to your voice and great performance! This was a perfect song choice for you, would love to hear some originals!

  • Liv!

    Very sultry performance for no backing track and surprisingly good pitch with no reference. Reminiscent of Billie Holliday :) You drew me in on a dime! Not sure if this is your own tune…if it is it’s awesome…if not, it’s still awesome. I look forward to more my friend; it’s obvious you’re taking this seriously.