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Llinos – Moments of Poetry – (Release Tuesday Night)

Bio: LLinos (pronounced Lhee-nos) is the sound of a hauntingly melodic and brooding songwriter from South Wales. Her music contains glimmering cuts of celtic jazz, folk and blues whilst being neatly sown together with a classical ribbon. The cinematic quality and quiet heartbreak found in her music is unexpected considering her day job as a quiet math geek. Live shows are lead with the passion of the piano, however it’s not unusual to find a cello, djembe, didgeridoo, kajon, and more interlacing this orchestral sound. Llinos is a fiery yet fragile, sexy yet soulful woman who has a genuine heartfelt talent to showcase across the land.

  • G_Alexander

    OK Llinos, I checked out Peer-review today and didn't expect to be knocked off my seat by your music. There isn't much I can offer as critical comment: you have a unique and compelling style that speaks to me – right down to the celtic signs of eternity on your rings–which converges with the 'ether' of your tone at the end of your phrasing. OK, what I can say is simply that you need to get the word out on your music. You need to have more people listening and there are many audiences who would deeply, deeply appreciate this unprocessed, driving Celtic feel. I suggest you look at the 3 part series by MarinaV on the VoiceCouncil site and take away what works for you. I want to see your YouTube hits drastically go up and you performing more in front of the kinds of audiences you want.

  • LLinos,

    What a great song! I love the words…absolutely brilliant!! The vocal melody is warm and inviting, while the guitar beneath maintains a sweet but semi-nervous drive to create a vibrant mixture of voice and strings and hypnotic rhythm :)

    You have a delightful message to bring into the world. I hope that you continue to do so. G's right – you need to make your move. Although your style of music isn't as mainstream as some other genres, it has a definitive and faithful following.

    Check out sites like SonicBids…you can set up and EPK, upload tunes and video, and bid on events in your area that are ripe for your type of music. I'm Florida based…there are literally hundreds of grassroots, spiritual, and traditional festivals all year round in my neck of the woods that you could build a busy performance schedule around.

    I don't play the music that warrants these locations but you most certainly do. Spread your wings and find those unique enclaves that will resonate will with you and promote your buns off!

    If you haven't already, perhaps find yourself some other eclectic musicians to record with and who might compliment you in a live performance. I would keep things pretty authentic but you may have some fun messing with something like the Voice Live 2. The harmony structures can be downright angelic and would add some Enya…ish haunt to your vocal.