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Local Support?

This week we’re wondering what you get from being a part of your local musicians union or any other music support group!

The musicians union is something that many of us as performers and musicians will join at some point during our career. As well as this, there are many different types of local music support groups whether they’re government based or perhaps a local performers society…

We’d love to hear which organistations you’re a part of and what benefit you get for being a member.

So the question is: “How valuable do you think it is to be a member of your local musicians union or other “music support” groups?”

We’d love to hear what you think on FaceBook and our Forum!

Great Comments from Last Week

Last week I asked… What are the gigs you said “no” to and why?”

Thanks for all your responses to this ones. I found Michelle Sowa Scott’a comment to be right on the money –

“I say “no” to people who have ripped me off before, changed terms after arrival, or bailed at the last minute. can’t afford to waste time with people like that.”

Thanks again to all of you who participated last week. Looking forward to this weeks answers!

– J.