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Louie Ongpauco – Rhythm of Love cover

  • Ed

    .Louie great job! I really liked it. Just put the shaker down on the mix and boost your voice a little bit!!! Just a piece of advice, work on the falsetto and try your airy voice to give the song dynamics!! And also TEACH ME HOW YOU TO DO A VIDEO LIKE THAT!!! You rock! From Costa  Rica, ED

  • Hiya’ Louie,

    How did you clone yourself?  Hahaha. You sound good as always!  You handle this one pretty well…lil’ pitchy here and then but you maintain a nice soft rhythmn that’s pleasing to the ear.  You’re doing great Louie; thank you for posting!  Btw, love the ending man…just the three of YOU hanging out!



  • KowBoy Tom

    Louie Ongpauco, nice job! Next time, time turn around so we can see you. No?

    -KowBoy Tom