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Luke James – Animal cover

My name is Luke James. I have been pursuing music for a number of years now. I am realizing that it is the only thing I want to be involved with, a part of and working on. I auditioned for American Idol and made the top 50 two years in a row (seasons 9 & 10). I want to give glory to God through my life and music. I am just happy that I am able to pursue this dream! Check out my original stuff at www.lukejameslive.com

  • Kaitlyn Martin

    Excellent Vocals. I love your voice! Your guitar playing is great as well. My advice to you is to look at the camera more as you play.

  • I’m diggin your vibe Luke.  You definitely have originality.  Good range and nice inflections.  The audio sounds like crap on the video but you pull off a good performance…the aqua green wood goes good with your earthy vibration.  Keep working toward your goals.  You have a very quirky and fun way about you.  I look forward to more!



  • Ridehanna

    Excellent rendition, would have liked to have seen you make it more your own.