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Lydia Drayton – Someone Like You, Adele cover

I am an aspiring singer/songwriter and I love music and being part of a musical community

  • Hello Lydia,

    You’ve got a languid way about you.  I like it.  Smooth, but slightly mono-tonal.  Work on those upper stretches so you can belt out notes that match the emotion of the song.  You want to be able to deliver with a strong vocal…it’s part of making people feel your joy, pain, etc…

    Keep rocking my friend!



  • Cynsongs

    I love how you stay present in the song throughout. Nice telling of the story emotionally. Don’t be afraid of those higher notes. I think you may get more support for that by standing and not leaning so far forward, especially with your head. Keep going you are on a good path!

  • Moondyoriginal

     Nice and interesting voice…enjoyed this

  • Dcoley

    I love your tonal quality in general.  It is rather monotone but nice. Your musicality and phrasing needs lots of work.  Nothing that lessons, listening to others and practice can’t address.  Keep at it.

  • Victorhoteleiro

    amo demais ela