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Macy Maloy – Summer Love – Original Song

Bio: Hey, I’m Macy:) I am a 17 year old singer/songwriter!

  • Char

    I love YOU! You're the BEST!

  • Andrew

    please make a video for the chords or post them somewhere

  • Dorian E Johnson-1

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Macy! You GOT it Girl!!!!!

  • barry

    You're awesome Macy! You're destined to do big things in music. Take it to the top gurl

  • Alex Pelham

    macy, your so amazing, i love this song.

  • Beautiful & talented.. you will make it BIG in music!!!

  • INDER(rose2cactus)

    wonderful voice…nice lyrics!!!

    in all woopie song!!!!


  • Mkvetter74

    Love it! You sound a little like Regina Spector or Fiona Apple – two wonderful musicians. Keep up the good work.

  • Batchen

    Lovely voice, great accoustic sound!!

  • …tb….

    1. your voice is beautiful
    2. i love being your friend(guess who)
    3. keep being a singer/songwriter because your amazing!

  • …tb…

    and boozie loves you too…okbye

  • Tricia Hudson

    Great song writing. You're very talented. Keep working.

  • Rhudson

    Love to hear you!!!! you are very special.

  • shawynpelham

    You go Mace dawg!!!! I remember you telling me when u were about 12 u wanted to sing for American Idol. Well Mace you ARE an American Idol!!!! Soo proud of you! Macy ROX! Luv u! shawyn Pelham and Peyton!!!!

  • Swimgal35501

    i loved it macy!!! you sounded amazing :)

  • Love

    You're fantastic. :)

  • #1 fan!

    i love how calming your music is! keep up the good work (:

  • Good Morning Macy!

    Kudos to you for submitting your own material…and only two days out of the box eh?! Not bad. Good job on networking and letting your fan base know that you posted a video on the forum. We talk about this sort of thing all of the time…in this biz having folks rooting for you can't hurt one bit :) It's very important to network and raise a ruckus about yourself!

    However unlike your adoring friends and family, I don't know how great of a person you are so I only have my ears and eyes to get acquainted. Notice that of the 18 comments you've received thus far, no one has offered you a critique per se.

    Before hearing your song, we get to look at you…and yes, you are very lovely to behold…I imagined a Faith Hill type of voice to come from that face. Alas, beauty will only get you so far…when we listen on the radio…it is only the song itself that we have to hold on to if we've never seen you before. I like that you flirt with the camera some, which helps when you’re singing your story.

    “Summer of Love” is a cute song but it never really takes off. I listened to it three times this morning, once while viewing it in front of the puter, once by just listening in the kitchen, and another listen…while having my morning cup of Joe on the back steps. Each time I hung in there with you on the verses but the choruses or hooks lack luster. IOW, they barely change from what you're doing in the verses. Why not go for a key change, add harmonies, or change the way you approach the guitar during these passages?

    This song does have potential but I don’t get that “Summer Love” feeling when ya' hit the hooks. Your range seems pretty limited…I think maybe you are an alto? Practice working out your upper register so that you have more places to go when writing songs…by crooning into a higher pitched, more purposeful approach on the choruses this song could come closer to providing hit potential. Do you take voice lessons? If not, join a church choir, be part of your high school choir, jam at open mic nights as much as you can. You’re the perfect age to be reaching out and obviously have a sound support group looking out for you. Just be true and honest with yourself. Take it to the next level and make the beauty of your music match your lovely countenance 



  • Hello Again Macy,

    Part of being a dynamic force in the industry is corresponding with those who appreciate you. You have 18 comments and haven't responded to a single one of them? Is some one else in charge of your social networking? Being loved by an audience is a two way street my friend :)



  • Stranngerr

    Your voice is amazing Macy..good luck, i hope you go places !

  • Dguthrie

    Hi. I like your sound. Your voice reminds me a bit of Nelly Furtado.
    Keep it up!


  • Nathan!

    You have an amazing voice! I really like your cover of 'Fireflies' and your video with Mars is fab. keep it up, you're great :) x