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Make a Living from Your Music – Top Tips

Make a Living from Your Music – Top TipsEvery musician needs a strategy that moves from their performance to their engagement with fans –says Dimitra.

I recently hosted a “Music As Your Business” seminar and was really impressed with the advice of Ian Clifford.

Ian is the host of the leading music-business site, “Make It In Music” & here is his top advice:

1. Quality. Make sure that you’re good at your craft.


Find your niche, then research your target audience and the platforms available to reach them.

2. Quantity. Work hard & create lots of material (most of which won’t be used). Keep only the gems.

3. Fans. Find a fan base – find your local and national scene (whether that’s pop, rock, goth, etc.) and then find all of the places online and globally that you can reach which are into that scene.

4. Target. Target that demographic, and then build a funnel, generally online, including local shows and national shows.

5. Collect. Drive people to your website where you collect their contact details, and where you build a long term relationship with those people.
 On the home page of your website should be an invitation to get something, from you for free, in exchange for their e-mail address. This can be a free mp3 of a song, or a free guide on a particular subject. Whatever it is, something free that is of value.

6. Feed. Then feed your fan base by being able to regularly contact and connect with those people and by having a regular output of music which then enables you to sell music, sell t-shirts, sell caps, sell whatever else it is and play shows especially locally and nationally to that same section of people over a period of years.

7. Summary: In other words, you have to focus on constantly driving yourself forward by:

• Having a Constant Flow of Material
• Growing Your Fan Base
• Connecting & Engaging with Your Fans.

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Dimitra is a Music Artist and a Music Business Coach. Dimitra makes a full time living from her music and she coaches artists on how to make a living and money from their music.

www.DimitraMusic.com | www.MusicAsYourBusiness.com


Ian Clifford

Ian Clifford runs Make It In Music, a website that teaches aspiring musicians how to succeed in the modern music business. Their teaching covers artist development, promotion, marketing as well as how to work as a DIY musician.