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Make an Unforgettable Vocal Connection

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What is the secret to that special connection between a singer and their audience? We discuss the question with Leontine Hass, Director of Associated Studios, London Musical Director Leigh Thompson, Actor/Singer Chris Killik and Actress/Singer Karlene Wray.

  • It’s true, singing with emotion must come from within.  You must look to your own experiences and share them with the audience through the song.  Too many singers try to force emotion, and it is obvious and fake.

  • true, very true! I think it’s easy to forget about the important of vulnerability in performance- it takes bravery and guts, and goes against the glossy, style over substance ‘coolness’ that we see every day on MTV and on the radio. We have to take the risk, or risk being forgettable.

  • Anonymous

    Good points…. to highlight it though, Google a chap called Steven Hogarth. Now THAT is having an emotional connection with an audience. in fact… watch and learn. You gotta feel that s*** deep down yourself, sing it like you mean it. If you dont and if it doesnt move you, it sure as hell isnt going to move anyone else.

    I’ve been watching singers, good singers, all my life, nearly forty odd years. No one gets even in the same postcode for emoting in front of an audience. Not even close. Look how the audience reacts. They’d walk through fire for him.